About - The Strong New Me


Nyle with the kids

I acquired TheStrongNew.me domain supposedly to keep track of my fitness journey. After I had my 2nd child, I felt like a huge fat cow. 😢 I knew I needed the strength and stamina raising 2 wiggly toddlers (imagine having 3 now). So, I tried joining a half marathon run. I’m only doing once every year and it’s been my 3rd year in a row.

Here’s a little before-and-after peek.

before after

All the while, God has set it for a greater purpose than just being fitness-wannabe. Looking back, I realized that I was being prepared for something more.

Being a mom, you need to be the full package. I’ve always dreamed of having and raising kids and it took more than just having the financial capacity to raise them.

This is indeed a great revealing of a “Strong New Me”, when I had Christ in my life and my marriage. (Hubs isn’t quite fond of vanity, so we rarely have photos together. This calls for a laptop selfie.)

The Strong New Me is about walking through faith in marriage and motherhood. The greatest battles are and should be fought on bended knees. I hope you’ll find my thoughts helpful and encouraging. We only live a short life on earth and God wants us to live it with a greater purpose.

My name is Nyle and welcome to my blog!